Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I thought they looked so interesting when I saw them. What were they thinking? Do mannequins think about stuff? When Dakota was young they frightened him. Maybe lifeless cold people staring into nothing empty not feeling. (ok that's the same as lifeless I suppose) as a composition I felt it was amazing and great subjects to work with. Possibly a thousand and one metaphors to go with!


  1. Yes Mannequins think about stuff: Why do they always stare at us? I feel like Minnie Pearl with this stupid tag hanging off my hat? Why did they move us to the back corner of the store, we have always been in the window? Who can see back here? Ahhh chew - - I am so allergic to dust, did anyone ever think about using vaccum back here? Yes, mannequins do think starry-writer. Wonderful post. Love, love, love it. Country Hugs, Sherry

  2. oh that is so funny they were in the back of an antique store next to the bathroom the light was hitting them just in a certain way. You described it so accurately it's uncanny. They looked so lonely I wanted to take their picture so they would feel loved again. Yes it was very dusty. You know how old fur and wool gets when it's not properly stored it gets matted and smells like old perfume. The Minnie Pearl tag was a bonus.....lol

  3. Ruby said, "I wish I had legs." Jill said, "What would you do with legs, if you had them." "I would walk over there and slap that woman who is a size 20 and takes it out on Emerald, the little sales girl, because she is not a size 4" Ruby stressed to Jill that they were head mannequins sent to look pretty in hats...we were given perfect features....Jill cried...yes we were given eyes that flow no tears and can't even wink at the cute guys...we were given perfect lips that will never feel the warm kiss of a man or to say, "I love you."
    we set on this shelf day after day where the auroma of the bathroom settles on these so called perfect hats and the only one that takes notice of us are the kids who pinch our nose and flick our eyelashes....don't you think if we were so perfect...they would give us a perfect place to set and dust our shelf and change our hats from time to time....I don't like this pill box hat.....ummm, excuse me moi or however you say that....how would you like to be blinded by this big brimmed hat and not be able to even see your size 20....size 4 transformation you are always blabbing about....you want legs....I want hands so I can tip this hat back on my head so I can see....and Jill be honest.....does your nose not ever itch."
    Dear Shannon,
    my daughter and I love mannequins...we share cusody of Ilean who was given that name because she leaned but Amy discovered she was put in her stand wrong.....I bought one while I was in Phoenix and we didn't realize because the car was stuffed but her boobs were showing in the back window....no wonder people stared when they passed us
    I love your picture....you are gorgeous
    Angel hugs
    I would love to have a copy of that picture for my own personal use....I would hang it in a frame in my bathroom

  4. Good Morning Shannon!
    I have left something on my blog for you this morning. Please stop by and pick it up. You are going to start getting mail so be ready my sister. I love you, Country Hugs, Sherry

  5. OH WOW
    I was reading what Deb wrote about the mannequins and I could picture the two of them going on about stuff. And it is so funny where I found these two head and shoulder girls at. In the back of a storage room with a bathroom connected to it. Mostly dusty old stuff since it was in an antique store. I should go back and see if they are still there or have different hats. Minnie Pearl price tag included......lol yeah the big rimmed one is way over the top. Did anyone actually ever ware one of these? or were they specifically made for mannequins......;)

    Thank you for stopping by and adding to my post it really made my day. Here is the link to the pic and other ones if you like use what ever you need!


  6. Oh Shannon!
    You are so deserving of this award, and I want as many people to come here as I can encourage. You too, need to be in this community. You so fit. You are so special, and I want to share your specialties with all of the blogging world. I'm working on it. You go and check out each of the women that I awarded so that they will come back and visit you also. Start blogging dear sister, start blogging. Love Ya, Sherry