Saturday, July 11, 2009

Inspiration of early 20th Century Illustration recycled 75 years later!

One of my all time favorite artists Maxfield Parrish

One of my favorite musicians Enya
I was wondering if it was just me, but these images are very similar. I think Enya liked Max too!

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  1. Dear Shannon,
    It does not surprise me that my very favorite musician is ENYA and you like her.......I LOVE HER, and I would love to live in a castle like she
    i was typing a message to you last night because I love to go to cemeteries and take pictures and do rubbings on paper to capture sayings and images...I see nothing morbid about it....I am rather at peace there......but I kept getting that dreaded red x and operation aborted.
    I finally gave up and then I ended up falling a sleep at the computer.
    I just have a feeling we would have too much fun together
    I will never forget how Sherry's husband tony...when his dad died...he and sherry walked all through the cemetery reading different inscriptions, quotes, and sizes and shapes of tombstones and came up with his own that he wanted for his dad ....tony and sherry are very sentimental.
    When I went with my daddy recently for a cousins wedding we went to grandma zada's grave......daddy's mama.....I saw a tombstone I took a picture of....I will email it to is not an old tombstone but I dearly loved what it said....daddy was in a hurry so I didn't even see the front of it.
    I am so glad Sherry told me about you...I have been blessed with a gorgeous friend inside and out...a beautiful spirit
    angel hugs
    debbie is my e-mail