Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Head in Sand

Today was one of those days I felt like wanting to leave my head in the sand. It started out a bit rough not being able to find things I needed, and being in a rush all over the place. It was like everything was out of sink. The day settled at the end with a huge crashing of the symbol. I didn't want to hear, and my ears won't stop ringing (it's a struggle to stop thinking about). The timing wasn't so good. Then I wonder if somethings maybe they are best left unsaid or maybe it is a matter of timing? But when do you know it's a good time? If my head is always in the sand I guess it's never a good time......Well.... No matter how well meaning it was.....still made me wanna dive for the sand. I'm probably just being a drama queen, but oh well the picture fitted the mood.....I've always thought it was funny, and this is a really good way to work it all out!
I hope today will be a better day!

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  1. Dear Starry-Writer,
    I didn't see this when I was here last night...I am very sorry you had some ear clanging news. I have good listening ears...I can use the distraction from Amy, although even with Amy I hate to see anyone suffer or have a broken heart has been pieced back together so many times there are open-air spaces between the pieces.
    You are in my thoughts and prayers.
    We will get through this journey called life one step at a time, one foot in front of the other,crawling, being dragged, twirling, riding a car, jogging,power walking and on a walkway of yellow brick pavers, or a cracked up sidewalk,marching through a mud hole, clinging on the edge of a cliff,strolling a meadow path, and a taxing steep incline that requires rest beaks.....through them all we have our feet protected with a covering that changes with the condition of our need....we must keep our eyes and heart on the SON for the battle is His and we are just to keep the Faith.....when one of our friends are down we carry the other as we have the same finish the journey....that is the goal.
    angel hugs