Friday, July 17, 2009

Alaska Bound

i everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know I will be gone for a few weeks and won't have access to my computer to read all the great and inspiring posts you do. I can't wait to get back to see what everyones been doing! (I might actually go through withdrawals) Have a great rest of the summer see you in August sometime. I'm hoping I'll have great new pics to post of my trip.......ahhhh I think I might need my parka or a light


  1. Hey Kiddo! I have been so lost today. No laughter and no visitor. I am having withdrawals. So sad for me, do you see my sad little face looking for you? What am I going to do while you are gone? I will be lost for sure, especially when you have no contact with me. I am so glad you liked my post today. I loved it. It was fun. The umbrella I thought shaded the page so to speak, and I loved the look on Destiny's face when she started sliding sideways. It was so sweet. Tony is a GREAT PaPa, as he does lots for all of the kids. Sometime tonight around midnight I will be posting my Pink Saturday post so you will have to check it outtttt. No hints either. It is going to be elegant. That is my word for this post ELEGANT. You shall see. I don't know how I get these followers, but I am really thrilled that people like what I write and what I develop. It makes me happy. I think my hair appointment is in the morning, but I am not positive, Dale always calls me the night before my appointment, but I think it is tomorrow morning at 8am. I will probably have to meet you about 11:30, but I will call you tonight and we will talk. Okay kiddo I have to get ready to get around. It was my early day and I am still trying to get out of here. Loved this post to by the way. As always you do such GREAT work. Take care and see you tomorrow. Don't forget your camera. I will bring mine too. Love Ya, Sherry

  2. Have a wonderful trip! You will be missed in blogland! Take lots of pictures and can't wait to see what you share!
    Hugs and Glitter

  3. Good Morning Shannon!
    A real quick post as I have to get out there and do the yardwork. So much to do. Hope you had a good time at the movie. Thanks for the luncheon date, it was so much fun. I look forward to many, many more to come. After youleft I was thinking we should have had someone take our picture in front of one of the booths. Memories you know? Oh well, next time. Amy is better today. Yesterday she actually said her mouth felt pretty good and Debbie said she ate a little orange chicken. Yippeee! I was so happy. One day at a time. Talk to you later. Love Ya, Sherry

  4. Yes Kiddo, You get a prize for posting first, but I just haven't decided what it is yet. I will let you know when I figure it out. You cute thing you. I'm so glad you loved my manic Monday. Heidi threw the idea at me in conversation. She asked me if I was going to make a post tonight, and I told her I was to tired from the yardwork, and she said Mom do one on Manic Monday you know it better than anyone. So I thought why not just throw a few pic and captions. It was fun wasn't it? Heidi really loved it when she saw it. See you at work. I'm going to be so lost after today with you gone for 3+ weeks. You will have lots of posts to read. Love Ya, Sherry

  5. Hey Kiddo! I pray for you a safe trip, and for God to bring you back to me. I have prayed for a real friend for a very long time. I know he is not tempting me, you are her. I couldn't be more excited. Debbie and I shared tonight and talked tonight. We cried and gave God the steering wheel, as he knows where he is going. He will get us there. Amy has a migraine tonight and she did not eat today. I will talk to you tomorrow honey. Please be safe and watch out for the bears. Love ya, Sherry