Friday, September 4, 2009

Chasing the sun into the storm

I love looking at clouds and lately here in Phoenix there has been some pretty amazing ones with the weather and monsoons. So I hate not taking the opportunity to shoot a few and see how they turn out. As with most metaphors I thought when I was taking these that life has throw us some really serious storms into our lives some more intense than others. Each finding the strength to make it through as they evaporate away or the wind carries them in a different direction.

However when it's all said and done and you see the sun shining through again you realize that it's over and a new day is beginning. I known everyone has heard of that one, but sometimes it takes circumstance and being in the storm to really take hold of it.

The clouds bring serious rain the rays shine through. Billions of tiny droplets reflect the beauty in shape form and color, and in a moment it's all gone. Strangely sometimes the clouds never bring rain or all the nasty stuff that comes in a storm. They just float by casually making their way to another place.

I have yet to see the same cloud with the same colors or anything ever similar to the day before. They are an amazing work of art. I guess how I look at each cloud might determine the outcome of my picture in my everyday life and the final digital image. Unusual circumstance makes unusual days and wondrous stormy clouds to gaze at and wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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  1. Absolutely breathtaking pictures of the clouds. You captured it in words beautifully. I hope your day brings you lots of sunshine.
    Hugs and glitter,