Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Concept art to digital art

This was my first attempt at using a drawing pad with a digital paint program. (Painter IX) It took about 2 days to do.

The design was something a friend inspired me to do years ago, but never finished it. I just sort of put it in the back of the closest, but as it goes sometimes you need to clean out the closest. Oh what treasures you find.......many I have found! Now I think I'm in the best part of my life where I can breath new life into these old inspirations, and make new treasure. Hopefully though not to get stuck back in the closet till the next closet cleaning adventure.

Maybe in time I will do more work. As an artist the ideas are there, and just waiting to be turned O’Keefe says sometimes I just flounder.....ahhh yeah Georgia I hear you. For years I have been frustrated by the dullness of my work, and I'd rather not do anything at all then drivel with tedious notions of something that will never become anything.

As I ramble on here with nothing more to say than. I should go back to my drawing pad, and sketch book and see what else I can come up with.

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  1. Dear Starry-writer,
    I am Sherry at Country wings in phoenix's sister. My name is Debbie at There's an angel on my front porch.
    what is funny, when I first clicked on to your site and the header had loaded yet but I scrolled down and the picture I clicked on first was the moon....I think he has an awesome personality and was going to suggest you use him as your motto header and low and behold you had already thought of that....
    you are awesome and your photographs are awesome and I love your writing.
    I have been blessed this early morning
    Angel hugs