Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Four Seasons

I was having a dry spell of ideas. I poured though all the Photoshop books looking for some inspiration, and still nothing. Then in a dream it came to me! 4 seasons! Ok maybe this isn't too original, but I had to come up with something that I could use in a variety of layers and styles in one picture. What I came up with was pretty much what I dreamed.

As I was doing this image I was thinking how we go through different seasons of our lives or maybe even thought processes. Not having any ideas seems like I'm digging in the frozen ground for something, but everything looks dead or uninteresting. Then suddenly my ideas warm up to me, and a thought maybe even an inspiration works it way out of my mind like a small seed in the soil beginning its new growth in the spring.....as my thought develops it comes to full bloom. Then subtly it’s done, and falls away for new life to begin again in my next idea. So maybe as artists in each thing we do we go through the various seasons. It's an interesting cycle of life...........its hard work but in the end the fruits of my labor are worth it! (ok maybe a bit cliché but very true)

So maybe it's not just a picture of various images it's much more....well at least to me! Enjoy comments always welcome!

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