Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Nostalgic moment to be in

Her spirit lingers there still. The familiar smells of her cooking remain in the kitchen as strong as ever. (she’s been gone for years) I could almost here her say supper is ready. How odd I could still smell her perfume (she wore White Shoulders) It was like yesterday when I was there at the wake. It was the first time in my life without her. 24 years I knew her. She has been gone since 1985.

I miss her, and being there. She gave me solace, and wisdom. The hours she would spend talking to me. Reading her stories. Telling me about her childhood, and the silly things she did. She always told me I was special, and had a purpose in life (I still haven't figured that one out) but she seemed to know.

I loved staying the weekend there. Mornings were wonderful to wake to her pancakes, bacon, eggs. OH how she loved to cook! and there would always be some old time gospel songs she would be singing to, and the Cuckoo clock! (she gave it to me in her will) but my Father stole it.....(I don't want to ruin this moment with thougths of him)

She was the one person in the world that I adored most. It seems like yesterday that she was here, and now she is gone, but my memories of her live strong in my mind and heart. What would my childhood have been like without this safe place to go. I feel blessed Grandma that I had a moment in time to spend with you……Days with you were simple and peaceful, and you gave me these moments to cherish always. I miss you!

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  1. Dear Starry-writer,
    They say there are no tears in heaven because it is happy.....but your Grandma cried "tears of joy" over this beautiful tribute to her.
    It made me cry for my Grandma Zada who I loved so very much but we rarely ever got to see her...she lived in Nevada...and my Grandma Choate who was a heavenly cook...she could cook a meal that would have brought a king to his knees.
    Angel hugs