Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Where did summer go? 2006

I'm so glad August is over. It seems August is my worst month. I don't know why but as far back as I can remember everything crazy, weird, annoying, off the wall, seems to go off in August. It's like all the full moon weirdness that could happen is in this month. So think about it if it were possible having a full moon everyday for a month.......crap oh gets really crazy.......I wonder why? Maybe it’s my spirit doing the year end cleansing…….lol.......or it’s something far deeper that I won‘t know about till I get to the other side? Or maybe it's all just my imagination and it's a conspiracy against myself and my odd way of thinking.

Anyway it would be cool if there was the opposite month where I would have everything great, amazing, fantastic, and miraculous happen. Is that even possible? Maybe that is August and I’m just being ungrateful. Silly me maybe I just misunderstand myself……who knows, but this is the start of my new year September! Fall, Autumn, the start of winter. I love that and love the holidays, and festivities. I decided to do a fall autumn road......I love all the possibilities down this road!

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